I propose these projects to Universities, Conservatories and Music Institutes, for masterclass and/or faculty courses.

Thank you so much for your consideration,

Onorio Zaralli


1) "Live performing management".

The control of emotivity is a very important skill for musicians, expecially when they are on stage. Many people have a natural talent for public performances, but not few musicians could have problems: the risk is to distroy a long period of study!

It could seem incredible, but the control of emotivity is just a tecnical ability that everyone can acquire, as breathing or playing staccato, or legato: it requires analisys, reflections and exercises.

I often work with my students with public at hall, so to develop a very interesting and interactive research about this problem. The results are immediate.

Here you can download my "guide-book" for this masterclass.


2) "Italian Sonatas and Concertos of XVIII-XIX centuries: Vivaldi, Marcello, Tartini, Pergolesi, Cimarosa, Mercadante"

- searching a "sound"

- tecnic development through interpretation

- playing Adagios with Italian fiorituras

- the "belcanto style" in Cimarosa and Mercadante

- playing with OFZ flute headjoints on modern instruments 


3) "Mozart: flute opera. Sonatas, Quartettos, Concertos"

- analysis, sudy and performance of Mozart works for flute

- music laboratory: writing and playing own cadenzas for Mozart flute concertos

- "guide-book": Onorio Zaralli, Mozart - Concerti per flauto


4) "Flute music of XX century: Debussy, Hindemith, Prokofiev, Berio, Varèse, Fukushima..."

- a new aesthetic, a new tecnic, a new interpretation

- the XX century music between identity and differentiation

- "guide-book": Onorio Zaralli, Suonare con l'anima 

This is a video about "Suonare con l'Anima"



5) "Music and technology: open source applications and free web services"

- Notation software: Muse Score and Tux Guitar

- Audio editing: Audacity

- Audio converters

- Audio utilities

- Digital lesson and Learning object

- Virtual classroom for a no limits audience

- "guide-book": Onorio Zaralli, Lezioni digitali + CD Music Digital Dictionary + CD Interactive Course of Music Theory